Following decades of Invisiblization—and inspired by the current visible willingness showing up in the non-melanated community, to finally consider honoring Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC)—We Are Standing Up and calling for regenerative change. The youth are steering this ship.

With a clear list of concerns, we are coming with solutions and a willingness to engage in creating new systems for our own future regeneration. We have seen tremendous amounts of community spirit since COVID and there is Still much work to do. We cannot Simply sit in comfort with our own assessment of racism in so-called america. There is no time to be anything but Anti-Racist. We feel that will take a unified effort by everyone in the community.

Our asks are strong and so is our commitment to tangible shift.

Listen to the Youth. We have solutions We are mentoring our mentors in reciprocal exchange and the support goes far beyond the western world view description of “allyship.”

Join the conversation. We are seeding solutions.

Wake Up! We are What’s Next…

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