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Please be aware that there are people of color within this space, who are taking place within our voices and we are asking for the freedom within this design and some room to breathe.

And, we welcome you..

We welcome the spirits of the Lenape, Mahican, Algonquin peoples, who lived in this region, along and beyond the banks of the Mahikanituk river  that runs two ways, (what we now call the Hudson River). The presence, alive and passed on, of all who have been born, given birth, come of age, fished, hunted, and perished both naturally and at the hands of settlers on this occupied land. And of those brought here unwillingly to build the foundations of the land some call America. You are all welcome here. 

We welcome all bodies of all abilities, sizes, and shapes; bodies of challenges visible or invisible; and the myriad ways you experience your own body, in comfort and in pain. You are all welcome here.

We welcome folks from all places on the gender spectrum—non-binary, binary, gender-fluid, intersex, trans*, and genderqueer, and folks from varying orientations towards their sexuality—straight, queer, pansexual, asexual, demisexual, active or inactive, monogamous or not, and those for whom none of these labels fit. You are all welcome here.

We welcome you in respect to the places where your parents and ancestors were born, whether on this occupied land, or elsewhere near or far. We welcome all languages represented  present  by speakers at any level of fluency. 

You are all welcome here.

We welcome those who identify as survivors, activists, visionaries, fighters, healers, warriors and those in recovery or reflection. 

You are all welcome here.

We welcome your faiths, your traditions, your practices and your ceremonies, be they for a religion you can name or for certain devotion that you cannot. Believers and non-believers, mystics and seekers of all kinds who practice with the best intentions. 

You are all welcome here.

We welcome your emotions, however wide they range: your joy, your grief, your disappointment, your rage, your bliss, your hope, your surprise, your fear, your excitement, your exhaustion, your creative expression and all else that flows through you. You are all welcome here.

We welcome all non-human beings of this land, the herbs, the grasses and shrubs, the fungi, trees that are leaved or needled and those who branches are bare, the fruit bearers and the invisible ones, the winged and the finned beings who breathe water or air, who taste the wind and sense us under our feet, all the names you have been given and especially those by which you know yourselves. You are all welcome here.

May each individual present send, in their own ways, their welcome to any one not named. May all feel Welcome and invited to participate.

This statement was inspired by that of Canticle Farm of Oakland, CA, itself inspired by “Diversity Welcome” from Training For Change.

Don’t hesitate to reach out using the contact information below, or send a message using the form. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Things are moving fast!

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