BIPOC Youth Seeding regenerative cultural evolution. We’re Starting Here.
In Woodstock. With a rally and call for a seat at the table.
What’s next?
We Are What’s Next and we come armed with solutions.


JULY FOURTH! 2:00-6:00 pm 

Join us in taking this momentum into action!
FB @wakeupwoodstock
IG @wakeupwoodstock

The team and our guest list is  growing, and we welcome the sponsorship of;

The Woodstock Women’s March,

The Town of Woodstock,

The Woodstock Democratic Committee and The Woodstock Human Rights Committee!

The new date allows us time for preparation and promises to be a sovereignty rich event!

In the meantime,  we offer the community the  opportunity to join us in exploring next steps toward embracing anti-oppression work in our community.

We have been sharing our first three major concerns and the momentum is growing!

Here are three forms you can fill out and stay in the loop:




We are so thankful for all of the support we are receiving from our community—Bill McKenna & The Woodstock Town Board, The Woodstock Police, Anchor Security, Karen at Print Express, Woodstock Women’s March, The Woodstock Democratic Committee, Kingston City Schools, Cub Market, The Station Bar, all of our speakers, musicians, videographers, artists, craftspeople and volunteers!

we will be introducing our guests, partners, artists, craftspeople, businesses and musicians as move toward the rain date

First ups…

While we were organizing, a Posse of bad asses was out posturing Woodstock with awareness and calls to action… ✊🏾🙏🏾✊🏾

What’s next Woodstock?

What happens after the protests calm down? After Corona Virus policies are lifted? What will Woodstock do to ensure a long-term change is made to benefit it’s marginalized peoples, and specifically, it’s youth of color? As we reapproach old systems with new perspective We have some questions…

how will we approach systemic redesigns as the already vulnerable HV community Is being targeted by a massive flood of city flight?

what’s going on in OCS? And how are our sons and daughters being treated in their learning environment? What is the plan for addressing the rampant racism both in the faculty and general community? How can we create a safe space for them?

will the Town Of Woodstock consider taking action moving our police force from non-racist to Anti-Racist?

what does the Land Back and Farming movement look like for BIPOC in The HV?

  • A Seat At The Table—It’s time for (more) people of color, youth, and most importantly youth of color, to have a seat at the table while decisions are being made that affect us, our communities and our futures.
    • We are everywhere. We live as your neighbors. We go to your schools. We serve you in restaurants, we are the backbones of community and while disproportionately reflected in the HV, we are the people of the global majority. It’s time for our wisdom.
    • we embody resilience
    • our presence alone should give pause to reckon the power we hold.
    • that resilience has taught us about community and compassion
    • compassion and humility are tantamount to the kind of systemic change necessary.
    • we are ready for change.
  • Pass the Mic—It’s time for the community and it’s leaders to pass the mic to the people who’s voices have been suppressed for far too long — it’s time to hear from the youth of color. As “progress” continues to thrive on the extraction of our culture, labor, energy and psychic resources, we are looking forward in regenerative ways and we are glad to share them with you.
    • The first introduction to this conversation will be at a Rally for Regenerative Change. We will have the mic. And you will meet our concerns, our asks and our suggestions…
    • as an inter generational BIPOC group willing to continue the conversation, the community is fortunate to receive this offer from such a powerful and brilliant group of badasses and our cohorts.
      We are here to !

Identify the Issues

It is likely that many in our community are unaware of the experiences that BIPOC are having within the local and surrounding region. Because perspectives vary from human to human, it is important to actively engage in listening, learning and feeling into understanding.

Address The Issues

Time and time again we are brought to pinnacle moments and watch the ball drop. The momentum of this movement toward shift is full of possibility. We are committed to taking action toward addressing these issues. Patterns of harm replicate when they go unaddressed. It’s past mitigation time.

Tend the Seeds of Solution

The community is a fertile ground for transformation. Many of us are already knee deep in the garden… come tend it with us. Literally and figuratively.
we invite you to bring seeds, seedlings and or garden harvest to share.

“this is the 21st century and we need to redefine r/evolution. this planet needs a people’s r/evolution. a humanist r/evolution. r/evolution is not about bloodshed or about going to the mountains and fighting. we will fight if we are forced to but the fundamental goal of r/evolution must be peace.

“this is the 21st century and we need to redefine r/evolution. this planet needs a people’s r/evolution. a humanist r/evolution. r/evolution is not about bloodshed or about going to the mountains and fighting. we will fight if we are forced to but the fundamental goal of r/evolution must be peace.

we need a r/evolution of the mind. we need a r/evolution of the heart. we need a r/evolution of the spirit. the power of the people is stronger than any weapon. a people’s r/evolution can’t be stopped. we need to be weapons of mass construction. weapons of mass love. it’s not enough just to change the system. we need to change ourselves. we have got to make this world user friendly. user friendly.

are you ready to sacrifice to end world hunger. to sacrifice to end colonialism. to end neo-colonialism. to end racism. to end sexism.

r/evolution means the end of exploitation. r/evolution means respecting people from other cultures. r/evolution is creative.

r/evolution means treating your mate as a friend and an equal. r/evolution is sexy.

r/evolution means respecting and learning from your children. r/evolution is beautiful.

r/evolution means protecting the people. the plants. the animals. the air. the water. r/evolution means saving this planet.

r/evolution is love.” 
― Assata Shakur


About Us

We are an inter generational band of melanated and non melanated Changmakers based in Woodstock NY and the surrounding region.

More About Us

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  • WakeupWhatsNext@gmail.com
  • (805)931-6873

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Andy Lee Field

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