The way toward systemic shift is to design from a holistic approach. The Youth, People of Color, Black, Indigenous, immigrant and LGBTQ communities have not been considered in the design of this country.

We are still here. Through it all. And It’s Time For Marginalized Voices to be heard and acknowledged. COVID has shown everyone that we are more vulnerable than most, and the new design for municipalities must include our voices at the table. We also saw an incredible of community support go out from every direction and we want to see that continue.

We are not only asking for more of our community to wake up, but we are ready to take some next action. We are what’s next.

Here are our first three issues would like our community to wake up to…

(please stand by as we are moving very fast to clarify and being deeply supported by community leaders and municipal officials)


Onteora Central Schools—In our collective experience, Onteora Central School has been a very unsafe place for young people of color—for a very long time. We are ready to change that. We are calling for a full investigation of the harm caused, the patterns of harm regenerating and commitment to an end to the replication of such patterns. We are beyond mitigation, its time for restructure.


The community we live in is a changing ecosystem, and the young people are the ones in the position to live the decisions made right now. Because of the perspectives they hold, both looking forward, and living the decisions already made for them, they have vision that is tantamount to their own regeneration.

We are aware that a lot of time and energy was put into the comprehensive plan for Woodstock’s future, and we are here now. What’s next as we reopen the country post-COVID, and with an apparent surging desire for so many to address the systems that oppress the people of the global majority? We are what’s next—with solutions in mind. Its time we had a seat at the table

Police Relations

Ijeoma Olouo asks, what are police for?

Woodstock Police.
we have been privileged for decades, to have a community based police force. At one time our police were Actually constables. At some point we switched over to a police force. In the 90’s we faced a chief who outfitted the force with semi automatic arsenal. Harry Baldwin changed that immediately upon taking post. Today we are relatively safe in terms of police brutality. But we are a changing demographic in real-time.

While we may be able to claim a generally gentle police force, Woodstock faces a tremendous problem on our hands. Our long term local community is thinning out. The officers in the community seem to know us less and less, and post COVID, things are about to be very different in the region.

In a world full of unease, our police officers should know us and we should know them. It is even more necessary now, that our relationship with police is on point. 

We would like to participate in the process of redesigning the future of police relations in Woodstock. We are watching places like Camden New Jersey, and other communities making deep change and we do not feel that we are above taking a look at ourselves as a community. While no path is THE path there is a lot to learn from communities doing their work.

UPDATE: There have already been offers from within municipal community to participate in reawakening this very conversation which is already happening!!!


These are the beginning seeds of regenerative conversations, and we invite the community to participate in this incredible opportunity for Woodstock to truly walk our talk! 

We are working with organizations, community members coalitions and municipal departments to seed this change, and we will be here to tend what we begin—if our community continues to receive us with welcoming engagement. From anti-oppression efforts, to permaculture food systems, we are so excited to share with you! 

We would like to thank Bill McKenna and the Woodstock Town Board for providing generous support of space and encouragement. We look forward to continuing our relationship with our municipal officials in a good way. 

Please, continue to return and engage with us. 

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